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Thursday Night Mishmor Review Tools

Covering Dapim Shabbos - 155 - 157

Covering Dapim Eruvin - 2 - 5

Review sheets and audiofrom http://DafHachaim.org

Shabbos Daf 155 Review Sheet

Shabbos Daf 156 Review Sheet

Shabbos Daf 157 Review Sheet

Eruvin Daf 2 Review Sheet

Eruvin Daf 3 Review Sheet

Eruvin Daf 4 Review Sheet

Eruvin Daf 5 Review Sheet



What they are saying :

"some of my congregants use the weekly bechina as a tool for chazzara; going through the 10 or so questions forces them to review. Personally, I enjoy the challenge of the test, and adds even more excitement to learning the Daf! I recommend it highly to any daf yomi learner who wishes to add to his depth and retention of his learning"

Rabbi Yonah Burr is a Rosh Kollel in Ottawa, Canada as well as a Daf Yomi Maggid Shiur


"One of the greatest challenges of learning Daf Yomi is having an organized framework for review these weekly tests have helped provide that and have been a great impetus and motivation for me to review the weeks learning"

D.D., Ramat Bet Shemesh


"Since I started taking theDaf Tests, I have noticed myself focusing more when learning the daf  the first time. And making the effort to chazzer the week's dapim has helped solidify the material even more. For anyone that really wants to KNOW that daf , and not just 'do' the daf , I highly recommend committing to take the weekly tests."

A.R., Ramat Bet Shemesh