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daf test - rabbi frand

"Maybe be so bold as to take tests on the daf !"

Rabbi Yissocher Frand - 12th Siyum Hashas

How to Take Your Daf Yomi to a New Level 

If you are learning the daily daf yet feeling like something is missing in terms of remembering the material, we have a solution to this problem. Those who have committed to taking and submitting this weekly exam have found they are retaining so much more and increasing comprehension dramatically.

The lunacy of learning and not reviewing 

Could you imagine the farmer plowing and sowing a crop that he just lets rot in the field when it is ready to be harvested?  Surely we would think the farmer to be a fool. So how is it that we think it is perfectly normal to learn and forget and repeat the process over and over again, and never reap the benefits of toiling and understanding the gemara.

Lets take the analogy further

Do we think that a farmer would be reaping his harvest without ever testing and retesting the condition of the soil and humidity to make sure that the produce would fetch top dollar? So how can we keep learning more and more material without ever testing ourselves to make sure that we are really understanding the gemara. It's been said that when we daven we talk to G-d and when we learn G-d is talking to us, should we not be certain we are hearing the full message?

The answer is simple and enjoyable

First commit to taking the weekly test, and you will find that just the commitment will give you an incentive to pay attention to the details. If you spend a little time to review a week's learning you will find yourself doing well on the exams. The tests are made to make you, not break you, yet at the same time make you think a little bit harder. The feeling of satisfaction is literally priceless, in more ways than one.

It has never been easier

The resources avaialble to help you review your learning quickly and remember it have never been more accesible. For an innovative graphical rendition of the daf it pays to check out http://dafhachaim.org/ . Even if you have a regular shiur or chavrusah the quick review will amaze you and let you see the daf as you never have before.

For some of the most entertaining simanim to help you remember the daf there is nothing like http://rememberyourlearning.com/ . This site is the brainchild of Avrohom Goldhar  a teacher of teachers and students as to how to study in a way that can enhance retention and reduce study time.

If not now when?

So what is stopping you ? Take the challenge and feel a palpable difference in your learning so you are not just doing the daf but the daf is becoming a part of you. It's really simple just go to the upper right hand corner and enter your name and email to get the weekly test.

How it Works:

Sign up and the weekly test will be emailed to you on wenesday or thursday covering the Dapim from the past thursday through wenesday. The test has 10 questions covering the las seven Dapim and can be faxed, emailed as an attachment or just emailed numbered answers. Answers can be submitted in english or hebrew. Details about weekly prizes will be sent to those that subscribe to the email list.



What they are saying :

"some of my congregants use the weekly bechina as a tool for chazzara; going through the 10 or so questions forces them to review. Personally, I enjoy the challenge of the test, and adds even more excitement to learning the Daf! I recommend it highly to any daf yomi learner who wishes to add to his depth and retention of his learning"

Rabbi Yonah Burr is a Rosh Kollel in Ottawa, Canada as well as a Daf Yomi Maggid Shiur


"One of the greatest challenges of learning Daf Yomi is having an organized framework for review these weekly tests have helped provide that and have been a great impetus and motivation for me to review the weeks learning"

D.D., Ramat Bet Shemesh


"Since I started taking theDaf Tests, I have noticed myself focusing more when learning the daf  the first time. And making the effort to chazzer the week's dapim has helped solidify the material even more. For anyone that really wants to KNOW that daf , and not just 'do' the daf , I highly recommend committing to take the weekly tests."

A.R., Ramat Bet Shemesh